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Centralia College payment plan could help with tuition costs
Posted: 4/6/2014

enroll in payment plan

Individuals considering enrolling at Centralia College are able to pay their tuition on an installment plan. The plan provides an interest-free payment structure to cover college tuition costs.

This monthly payment plan is offered through the NELNET Business Solutions/FACTS e-Cashier. NELNET is the nation's largest student finance service firm. The monthly payment plan will make it easier for many families to afford tuition costs and will allow more students to realize a college education.

Details are at

According to college officials, it may be easier to make a series of payments on a monthly basis than to raise $1,000 or more at the start of each quarter. This payment program will provide a pathway for more first-year students to attend, and it will present an opportunity for returning students who want to change careers or earn a degree to reach their education or training goals.

The monthly payment plan will require a modest $15 quarterly service fee, but the student pays no interest on the tuition principal. Students who receive a scholarship or partial-tuition financial aid will also be eligible for the no-interest payment plan on the remainder of their tuition.

Despite the low service charge, NELNET provides complete education financial service to each student. Each student will have an individual account, a PIN for access, and they will be able to get account information 24/7 to keep track of their payments or other issues.

"This payment plan is a step in solving some of the financial issues that students face," Dr. Jim Walton, college president, said. "It will help a lot of families and many students working to change careers with answers to the biggest question of all: 'How can I afford to start college?'"

Walton noted that more students drop out of college because of financial questions rather than academic problems. Establishing a zero-interest payment program is a major response by the college to help solve student financial issues.


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