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Governor proclaims Parenting Education Week Nov. 18-22
Posted: 11/15/2013

Many parents of young children lament that there is no manual for child raising. Turns out there may be one. Centralia College's Child and Family Studies offers guided instruction that strengthens parenting skills in a positive, interactive manner.

In recognition of the importance of the development of those skills, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed the week of Nov. 18-22 as Parenting Education Week. The celebration also marks 75 years of parenting education programs in Washington state.

In his proclamation, the Governor recognizes that early childhood education programs are critical to creating and maintaining healthy families.

"Parents/caregivers are their children's first and most important teachers," the proclamation reads, "and children whose parents/caregivers are involved in their education and learning are more successful in school and become contributing members to society."

"Parenting is your most important career," said Cristi Heitschmidt, dean of the Child and Family Studies (CFS) Division at Centralia College. "The foundation for the child’s life is laid during birth to five-years of age."

To help introduce parenting education and demonstrate how parenting skills can be developed, there will be a Family Night, Nov. 20, at the Rochester primary school, 7440 James Rd. The public event runs from 5-7 p.m.

"Some parents might think they’re alone when it comes to facing behavioral issues with their children. In fact, parents will often find that age-specific behaviors are typical," said Heitschmidt. "It can be an encouragement for parents to share their experiences with other parents and see how much they have in common. Our programs do that."

For more information on the college's Child and Family Studies programs, please call Linda Wilcox at 360-736-9391, ext. 464.


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