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Centralia College issues information for potential flu outbreak
Posted: 1/14/2013 While the flu season may be hitting full stride throughout much of America, its impact locally has yet to have the impact feared.

Centralia College recognizes the potential for significant numbers of people to come down with the flu and has developed guidelines in dealing with a possible contagion.

“The most important step almost everyone needs to consider is getting the vaccine,” said Shelley Bannish, director of Student Programs. She has helped organize free vaccination clinics on the college campus and is expected to announce the next free clinic as soon as details are worked out. The peak period of this season’s flu outbreak is earlier than previous years. However, the flu season is expected to reach into March. Getting the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and to prevent spreading the virus to others.

College administrators strongly encourage those who have the flu or flu-like symptoms to stay away from campus and seek medical help.

“People with the flu need to realize that protecting others is important,” said Bannish. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that people with flu-like illness should be away from others for at least 24 hours after they are free of fever, or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications.

The college has also installed sanitizing dispensers around campus for general use.

In the event of widespread contagion, the college will follow directives from county, state, or federal health care authorities.

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