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Civil Engineering Technology at CC
Posted: 8/3/2011 There isn’t much built, including buildings, roads, bridges and dams, that doesn’t involve a civil engineer somewhere along the way. As the state’s and the nation’s infrastructure gets rebuilt or expands, so too grows the need for those trained as civil engineers.

To help match the need with qualified workers, Centralia College offers one of the most comprehensive Civil Engineering Technology training programs in the state. The college’s professional faculty come from careers in the field and know first-hand what it takes to be successful. Whether it’s a one- or two-year certificate or degree, the college’s faculty members are adept at developing important skills and knowledge for students.

Civil engineering technology is a field where those skilled apply engineering principles necessary for the planning and construction of highways, buildings, railroads, bridges, dams, irrigation and water works, airports, and other systems and structures.

Starting out, those enrolled in the Centralia College CET program may choose to learn the fundamentals of surveying, including measurements of elevation, distance, and direction. The instructors give quality hands-on projects and make sure each student understands.

In planning for a construction project, a civil engineer may participate in estimating costs, preparing specifications for materials, and in surveying, drafting, and design work. During the construction phase, they may work closely with the contractor in scheduling construction activities, and the inspection of the work for conformity to specifications.

In recent years, a major work area for civil engineering technology has involved environmental problems. This includes evaluating and testing soils, design and construction of water supply facilities, and design of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The development of environmental impact studies may also be included.

The training students receive at Centralia College go a long way toward equipping students with the skills necessary to compete for quality jobs anywhere.

For details on the CET program, contact Centralia College, 736-9391, ext. 331, or visit:


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