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Diesel program acquires diesel truck with grant money
Posted: 5/27/2010
Thursday, May 27, 2010

college diesel truckCaption: Centralia College diesel tech instructor Jake Fay drives the college’s newly acquired diesel truck into one of the service bays on the college campus.

Using a Centralia College Student Use Fee grant, the college’s Diesel Technology program secured a 2004 Freightliner. The truck, without any trailer, will now become a training tool for the college’s diesel tech students.

“This purchase is a tremendous asset for the program,” said Jake Fay, assistant professor of Diesel Technology. Up until now our most current truck has been a 1987 model.” The program has always had more modern components for student use, just not an entire truck. The purchase will now offer a more complete training opportunity.

The truck was purchased from Pacific Power Products at a cost of $20,000 using the grant that was awarded to the Diesel Program. Fay indicated that the retail value of the truck would have been more than double what the college paid.

The newer Freightliner will provide students with learning experiences on real-world and modern diesel truck components.

“This is what’s out there,” said Fay. “Fully 70 percent of the trucks on the road today are like this. This model year is state of the art; components, such as the transmission and engine, are still in production.” What the students train on at Centralia College is what they would be working on the field.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the truck is the newer electronics used throughout.

“Trucks today use so many electronic components that you can’t be a diesel technician without working with and understanding electronics. You need to know how to use the computer,” said Fay.

Fay and Ken Rakoz, associate professor, head the college’s Diesel Technology program.


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